Youth and Woman Empowerment

Empowering women and youth play a crucial role in the development of society. The State Government intends to focus on how they can be empowered, to lead the lives of their choice.  An empowered woman reduces the gender disparity and leads to equality of men and women in society. We believe that motivation can help an individual and empower them and help them in taking charge of their lives.

Omotoso aims to work towards the reduction of unemployment, among the youth and women, through the creation of employment opportunities in several areas, including agribusiness value chains and artisanal production.

This will enable them to be closer to their skills and ambitions, in an enabling environment, to be aware of the laws, a financial system in line with their needs, and an administration that is reactive and attentive.


Omotoso Administration Will


  • Fostered economic development and job creation through skill-building and enterprise promotion, strengthening public and private technical and vocational skills training institutes, and enhancing social justice through investing in youth and women’s economic empowerment, mitigating youth disenfranchisement


  • Promote and realize standards and fundamental principles and rights of youth and women at work through the regulatory framework.


  • Create greater opportunities for youth and women to secure decent employment and income based on three employment strategies:


    • The producer group approach

Creating producer groups that can engage in multiple activities, including production and marketing. With better access to knowledge, but also to inputs and finance with mobile banking, the quality and scale of youth and women produce markets available for procurement by local supermarkets, state distribution and the export market improve. This, in turn, increases self-employment opportunities for youth and woman


    • Micro-franchising

Supporting and enabling franchisor business model so that youth and women can participate for opportunities in their distribution networks, for instance as micro-franchisors and sales agents.


    • Job placement

Supporting, promoting, and partnering public service, local and international companies in creating job placement for youth and women


  • Ensure that women occupy a minimum of 35 cabinet members. Women are very important in our society and we will not give room for any form of intimidation and assault. We will ensure that women are expressly empowered.


  • Strengthen social dialogue with youth and women. This is in tandem with the Citizen’s Voice Platform initiatives.


  • Empower youth to become social innovators and social entrepreneurs. Programs will combine social innovation workshops, mentorship, incubation, and seed funding to equip young people with the skills and resources they need to identify problems in their communities and design solutions for them.


  • Creating an enabling environment for NGOs. We acknowledged the key role civil society can play in supporting ongoing reforms, providing services to vulnerable groups, and bringing new methodology to rural reform. The State Government will declare a firm commitment to the development of the NGO sector by creating a new enabling environment and reducing the bureaucratic registration process and reporting paperwork so that NGOs’ activities will not be impeded by overwhelming paperwork and cumbersome mandatory processes.