Power Generation

Power is a key developmental apparatus needed to take this nation to the next level. There are lots of killing policies that have made the electricity situation become a terrible topic to talk about. This is because it requires a concerted effort to solve these ravaging problems entirely.

In particular, our state has a very poor electricity distribution network. This is tantamount to the fact that we do not even have a domicile electricity distribution company of our own. How on earth did we get here? Despite the fact that we possess the Omotoso plant, it still makes us feel powerless.

There are lot numbers of communities in our state that have not even had access to electricity for years. Some do not even know what it feels like to have a national grid. And we claim that these communities are part of our state. They only become relevant during elections and political canvassing. It is very insulting to these people as lots of politicians have tricked them into believing they would be remembered and their problems will be solved. These have always been tricks and they always clamor for a transformation in their community.

All these will have to change when we take office. We will review and restate the direction of power generation with creative and practical solutions.


Omotoso Administration Will


  • Invest and build decentralize power options made available to rural communities and also to improve the capacity of power to all cities. Ondo needs to be a leader in this field and in so doing we will strengthen our economy and attract businesses. With the development of a modernized and strengthened decentralized grid. We will have the power it needs for the twenty-first century.


  • Invest in Solar and Wind Renewable Energy: Renewable energy options ranging from solar photovoltaic generation to wind are a way for Ondo to create clean energy that can be decentralized at a communities levels. Mini-grids will be installed throughout communities. We will conduct studies to ascertain what type of power option is suitable for typical communities.


  • Invest in Hydropower to produce electricity by harnessing the energy that flows through rivers and our coastline area. This is one of our cheapest clean energy sources, and we can produce more for the area with sea or riverine.


  • Advance small-scale biogas anaerobic system for community level by innovating and designing affordable and sustainable biogas systems. Depending on the size of the digesting system, it could power usable electricity and gas for cooking for a rural area where accessibility of mini-grid is hard.


  • Make investments to improve powering efficiency by installing solar-powered street lamp and promoting the use of LED light bulbs which will help save money and reduce waste. LED street lights use 75 percent less power than incandescent bulbs, the bulbs last eight times longer and the state or local government can save millions of naira per year.


  • Studies will be done to ascertain the feasibility of installing wind power as well as Hydropower to the coastal area such as the Ilaje settlement, but not limited to. While the coastal line has been badly damaged by oil exploration, with grit and determination, and a willingness from the State to innovate its thinking, we could turn problems into opportunities. What if Ilaje would be to turn into a super powerhouse with its wind and hydropower and selling extra power back to the national grid. Such innovative and daring ideas could easily shine hopes for people living with the grid and lift poverty at an alarming speed.


  • We will attract foreign direct investment in the area of renewable energies, and not limited to technology transfer to speed up the process of powering up the State.