We are creating a new administration for the millions of Nigerians who are tired of choosing the mainstream political parties. We’re made up of people who’ve been betrayed by them and are brave enough to build something better.

Nigeria is a diverse place and we don’t always agree on everything. Neither do Team Omotoso. But we share a set of universal principles and one ultimate goal: to fix a system that has been corrupted by the mainstream parties and the people who prop them up.

Only then can we begin to tackle our toughest issues with sincerity, move forward, and live up to what it means to be Nigerian.

No matter what labels you may have used in the past (or the ones you still do) if you’re tired of being label area boys, scammers, destitute or impoverish in this colorful world – Let’s welcome the change.



“The existing parties won’t change. They can’t change and will never change. So our only option is to go around them”.



“The existing parties won’t change. They can’t change and will never change. So our only option is to go around them”.




Let take a look at the Nigeria Poverty Clock. From 2016 to 2020 our poverty level went from 84.3 million to 102 million. That is an increase from 45% to 50% in just four years.

My dear Ondo citizen. Where is the promise of the government that assures us we are heading into the bright future during the election? Are we seeing sunshine or gloomy sunset?

A peaceful state cannot exist 3% rich and 97% hungry. It’s time for a change!



If Nigerians stop being silent and forge together to fight for a common future. No vision is impossible.

Our political system has been so corrupted that it became so embedded in our daily life. Fighting the olds is going to be very challenging. But we can overcome corruption by building a new system, a new mentality, new future.



“Just because the past didn’t turnout like you wanted it to, doesn’t mean your future can’t be better than you ever imagined.”


Our vision isn’t just possible. It’s inevitable. We have to change and we must change. Majority of Nigerian want a new party that works for them. We’re all just waiting for a place to go. Team Omotoso is building that new administration — from the people up.

Our new majority cannot be ignored. The faster we unite under a single banner, the sooner the political machine will stop rewarding the 3%. They’ll have no other choice — we’ll be upending a system that they’ve corrupted to serve themselves.




Millions of Nigerians who no longer identify with their political party are ready to stand up and be counted. And when we do, we’ll shift power from an impulsive minority to a grounded majority.

The momentum from this historic shift in power will allow us to build a new political stage, an administration that cares about the issues you care about.

This is how we put power back where it belongs: into the hands of the people.

And this is how one new administration – Team Omotoso – will fix everything and change the political stage.

Team Omotoso will create an administration not based on rigid ideology. In fact, we reject that approach altogether. Instead, our candidates rely on collective people’s ideas and voices to conclude a sensible governmental decision — and to deliver results that do the most good for the most people.

Our Vision

Omotoso’s vision is to create a Sunshine state where the Sun thoroughly shines.

A state of huge enablement of environment for business owners, and one that will promote inclusiveness with youths and women in our politics and economy.

To progress an uncorrupted state, through integrity, transparency, and accountability, who earns the confidence of her citizenry where people experience the place they live and work and play as safe, secure, peaceful, and prosperous.

Our Mission

The state of Ondo strives to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity through ending corruption with a sustainable administration where the power is shifted to the people.

Our Values