Omotoso is running for Governorship in Ondo to rebuild the working and lower class – and this time we will make sure everyone comes along. Nobody will be left behind.

Our infrastructural condition in the state has become epileptic and is literally crumbling. Dilapidated structures and roads are all over the state and some are left halfway to construction and are now worse than they were.

We will work to transform our crumbling transportation infrastructure – including roads and bridges, aviation, and inland waterways – moving goods and people faster, cheaper, cleaner, while preserving and growing our workforce.

Nigerians deserve infrastructure they can trust: infrastructure that is resilient to floods, fires, and other climate threats, not fragile in the face of these increasing risks. We need infrastructure that supports healthy, safe communities, rather than locking in the cumulative impacts of polluted air and poisonous water. And we need infrastructure, like digital broadband, that unleashes innovation and shared economic progress and educational opportunity to every community, rather than slowing it down.

A special mention is on Ilaje Settlement. Do you know that Ilaje has the longest coastal line in Nigeria? Yet there weren’t any commerce activities present. The once pristine area that is supposed to earn us billions of Nigerian currency, has become very unkempt and is an example of inefficient zoning and resource-wastage by the previous government. The people there do not have a national grid for 10 years and have been drinking dirty contaminated water for years they can remember.

There are lots of our resources that have been left untapped which are extremely huge and prospective into increasing the state’s IGR and creating employments. Over the years, every sitting government helms had turned this down for years.

Omotoso promise once we are take office, we would make available resources to enable this goal actualized. We would ensure that our resources are efficiently organized, distributed, and well utilized. Our lands would be thoroughly utilized through proper rezoning as we would ensure that citizens, with no land title to their name, interested in agriculture will be given access to these lands.


Omotoso Administration will


  • Clean up and redeveloped abandoned and underused government and private properties and industrial facilities, landfills, abandoned farms, and other idle community assets that will be transformed into new economic hubs for communities all across Ondo. With proper land rezoning and repurpose infrastructure, the land could be more efficiently capitalize on for the good of communities.


  • The state will make funding in building roads connecting local and regional communities to prevent a lack of transportation options in urban, rural, and high-poverty areas from cutting off opportunities for farmer transporting their produce to the city and job opportunities for workers seeking better jobs and more economic security for their families.


  • Construct affordable and sustainable housing and it would be made readily available for any citizen regardless of race, tribe, or class and at an amazingly affordable rate. These housing units will be in sort of a loan as it’s high time Ondo indigenes had undoubted access to quality and affordable accommodation; accompanied with easy to pay housing loan.


  • Set up Infrastructure Development Centre which will administer and steward innovation to improve building infrastructure, new building technology, repurpose, and recycled materials. This will greatly reduce costs in construction and help reduction on the importation of building materials. This is also in line with Omotoso’s vision of “Made in Nigeria”. The IDC could also serve as an incubation for a learning center for graduates in the area of faculty.


  • We will revitalize every community by getting everyone involved in cleaning up their environment, recycling and repurpose rubbish, and greening their communities. It’s a part that every citizen has to play and the positive effort will greatly reduce sickness and making environmentally friendly.