Healthcare and Well Being

One of the most frequent issues Omotoso hears about as he travels across the state is the urgent need to improve access and bring down the cost of health care for families – and that is exactly what he will fight for as a Governor of Ondo State.

We know our health care system is way far behind and shamelessly in a dilapidated state and there are real issues the state needs to work together to fix.

Why will our doctors continually transfer patients to other states for treatment? This is a great shame for us. Our state-owned hospitals have deteriorated buildings. And hospitals and health care centers have ancient tools and equipment that have gone obsolete. Even though we own a teaching hospital, we are way far behind as we do not possess the required sets of standard equipment.

Health workers are not given their benefits on time. An instance is this pandemic period which made the general public know how terrible our health workers are treated. Their hazard allowance cannot even buy most politicians’ shoe pairs. This is so absurd and annoying and needs to stop. Enough of the warning strikes, the health care workers need to be compensated fairly to stay motivated to take care of our citizens’ health and wellbeing. We will change the phase of the entire thing when we take office.


Omotoso Administration Will


  • Revitalize abandoned structure of the past administration (before this present), which helped reduce the maternity deaths; highly subsidized health care charge and easy birth among Ondo citizens because they were giving mother and child healthcare close to free.


  • Slash the medical bills presented by this present administration in our state hospitals


  • Recognize Health care personnel’s effort and their allowances will be reviewed and fairly compensated


  • Resuscitate the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) structure in Ondo state that has been poorly funded basically for civil servants. We are on the plan to invite other health insurance bodies both within and at the international level (private and public) to make people have direct and easy access to this scheme. This would help the citizenry for contingency and in terms of emergency.


  • We will build, expand and revitalize Rural Health Care Centre to ensure every town and community has access to basic health care, basic first aid and double its role for preventive health education within the communities.


  • Charged the Ministry of Health to promote public health education to the general public as well as to primary schools. This is a joint responsibility and we will ensure that the general public complies and practice adequate health tips according to the acceptable world standard.


  • Charged the Ministry of Environment and waste management to conduct swift operations in making the state clean and tidy always.


  • Set up a special task force within the Ministry of Health, to look into ways to break down current fake drugs on the market.


  • Increasing doctor to patient ratio in hospitals as well as rural health care centers.


  • Enacting strict directives regarding the process of buying and selling of medications in Nigeria’s complex health system. Hospitals will source medications directly from leading manufacturers through the official platform which only allows tendering and the process will be carried out through robust quality control.


  • Putting all non-hospital pharmacies – also call chemist shops – on strict regulatory control on their medication supply chains.