Government Restructure

Omotoso will lead a government efficiency initiative aimed at identifying bottlenecks, loopholes, redundant office and operations, ghost workers within the whole State government structure by establishing the Office of Innovation and Efficiency. This office will be within the Executive of the Governor. The office will be charged with promoting innovation and modernizing government operations to reduce costs and improve services. It will bring together top talent and remove barriers to developing innovative approaches to cross-agency challenges. This is important given the government’s growing need to respond quickly to an increasingly challenging fiscal and economic environment.


Omotoso Administration Will


  • Restructure the governmental department and office but will ensure productive and hardworking staff will not be retrenched. New commissions will sprout out and will be launched that will have staff in abundance. As instead of retrenching staff, the existing staff will be retrained and transferred into a body that will become more productive and new staff will be employed where needed.


  • Lead an Initiatives to call Citizen Voice (CV) platform which will enable individuals to have their voices heard. This initiative will enable citizens to have meetings with the government through proxy meetings and town hall meetings. And our government would have listening ears by making sure we make available their request. We will make every citizens matter in our government.


  • The presence of the government effort has not been felt in several remote areas, some places in this state have people suffering from a whole lot of their daily necessities. This will be put to a halt and we will take every responsibility and ensure that we solve people’s critical problems.


  • Forge the administration to become more focused, transparent, and result-oriented. We would ensure the process is transparent and accountable by mandatory publishing of accounts, tenders, and policies that permit the citizen to see the progress of our sunshine state.