It is a thing of reproach to say that there are hundreds of communities in Ondo state without drinkable water. Most of these villagers drink contaminated water not good for consumption and it will lead to ailment and diseases. Ensuring clean and safe drinking water is a right in all communities- rural to urban, rich to poor.


Omotoso Administration Will


  • Ensure that all communities will get borehole facilities and trained local communities to maintain and service the water sanitation system to prevent it from deteriorating.


  • Create a special loan to help citizens who are entrepreneurial in providing water borehole services. This will help speed up the process of bore holing and at the same time create job opportunities within the communities.


  • Spread over the years invest in upgrading treatment plans, repairs of water pipelines and sewer systems, and integration of efficiency and water quality monitoring process technologies.


  • Construct wastewater treatment plants that can purify grey water as non-potable water. This is part of Omotoso’s government effort to recycle and repurpose resources.