Agriculture Reforms

Long a critical sector for the Nigerian economy, agriculture recorded steady growth throughout the country’s recent recession and supported macroeconomic stability against a backdrop of volatility in the global oil market. Although the sector’s workforce, exports, and GDP contribution have fallen in recent decades as oil and gas production became Nigeria’s economic mainstay, the country is home to vast amounts of arable land and a large, diverse production base that includes many high-value cash crops, offering significant opportunity for development and investment.

Recognizing the sector’s high growth and export potential, the state government has increasingly focused on agricultural development as a support mechanism for macroeconomic and non-oil growth. But corruption has put a bad dent in the collective effort and making life extremely hard for farmers.

There are badly programmed food-management stances here in Ondo state. Agriculture is supposed to be the greatest agenda for society because, without agriculture, there wouldn’t be any functioning society.  No human on earth can survive without good and healthy food. As a state government, we will make sure we provide food security for the entire populace. The entire state of agriculture in Ondo state needs a total revamp as farmers do not produce to their fullest capacities because of several hindrances.




Omotoso Administration Will


  • The State will work to expand Ondo’s agricultural markets, both nationally and internationally. With these efforts, Ondo will continue to become more competitive with surrounding states, leading to better economic opportunities for hardworking citizens. We will review and reform policies, removing barriers to job creation and business opportunities, including and especially in the agriculture industry.


  • Build clusters of storage facilities in all the locality headquarters. This would help farmers with post-harvest storage and at the same time serve as food reserves. With the development of storage facilities, food could be preserved longer and fetch a better price at the non-season.


  • Support privately owned agro-processing factories with either debt-fund for expansion or start-up. This will encourage farmers to produce to their fullest capacities as there would be a readily available market for their raw materials.


  • Establish a sector in our state that specializes in Agricultural Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. This will presumably be a state-owned research institute and it will be charged with engineering and processing quality seeds, first generations of good seed/plant breeds for better crop yields, reduced pesticides, enhanced nutrient composition, and resistance to disease.


  • Setup an Agri-Mechanization Production Department that would design, innovate and produce affordable agricultural tools, equipment, and new technology for farmers.


  • For the agriculture industry to continue to grow, there must be a focus on training the next generation of farmers. We will bring together stakeholders who offer farmer mentor programs to create a targeted approach that ensures resources are in place for a young and entrepreneurial citizen to enter and thrive in the agriculture industry.





Omotoso Administration Will


  • Set up a department that looks into the interests and livelihood of our hard-working fishermen and the important role they play in Ondo’s economy. The regulatory policy will be put in place to ensure their livelihood is not taken off due to environmental problems.


  • Expand cultured seafood and fisheries farming which contributes hundreds of millions of naira to the Ondo economy every year. We will appoint the relevant department to oversee and improve the training of new and enthusiastic farmers with the new methodology which will improve its harvesting rates.