it is time for a progressive transformation!!




We believe in a dream of equality of opportunity, of privilege and property widely distributed; a dream of a land where men will not take necessities from the many to give luxuries to the few.

Though, Omotoso has faced several hurdles and negative barricading during the course of the governorship election; by winning the primaries via the mandate of the people and his name unjustly substituted for a deputy governorship position.

He will not back out until Ondo state becomes a prosperous state.

Old problems that have lingered for so long cannot be combatted with the same approach over and over again; as no one on earth can ever change a situation by tackling with the same approach repeatedly. A new approach needs to be equipped. And that is why I have risen up and shown my interest to liberate the entire Ondo citizenry running for House Of Representatives (Akure South/North Constituency).

Our Sunshine State Refused To Shine

The time has come for an all-out  war against poverty and corruption. Our State must use its vast resources and  wealth to develop the underdeveloped, school the unschooled, and feed the unfed; not as an instrument for the cynics and corrupt.

Now is the time to lift our national policy from the quicksand of accountability and ambiguos transparency to the solid rock of human dignity and freedom.

Nigeria have the worst disease today, and its corruption. But there is a cure: Transparency


“The difference between a dreamer and a visionary is that a dreamer has his eyes closed and a visionary has his eyes open.

I close my eyes and dream of a sunshine State where all our gifts and resources are held not for ourselves alone, but as instruments of service for the good of Nigerian; the dream of a country where every man will respect the dignity and worth of the human personality.

I open my eyes and have the vision to believe that Nigerian everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality, and freedom for their spirits.”


Samuel Tope Omotoso


More About Him


“The real maker of history are ordinary man of great characters. The State cannot thrive without putting people first.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; Only light can do that.

Vote for a Statesman that think of next generation, not one that worry of the next election.

Let the Ondo’s light shine again.”

Humble Beginnings


Growing up in the town of Akure, Samuel Tope Omotoso was the eldest of five children and was raised to appreciate the importance of strong values and hard work

He has attained height from scratch since young. He attended his first school at Potoki Primary School, Oke Aro – Akure, and then moved on to finalize his studies at St. Williams Nursery and Primary School (Akure).

After his first school leaving certification, he went to St. Michael’s Secondary School and further to Salas Secondary School; God’s Grace Educational and graduated via Progressive College, Akure.

The Best Way To Find Yourself Is To Lose Yourself In The Service of Others


Learning Never Stops For Omotoso

Because of his determination to acquire a higher education, he later left for Ibadan for computer training in IT installation and repairs.

He did several crafts and businesses in hospitality industry before focusing in the ICT industry.

After his training and experience in Ibadan, he went to further his education in Anyigba (Kogi State University); where he obtained B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry degree

Putting People First

Ever from his growing up, he loves to put people first as he could sacrifice things for other people. His selfless nature led him into humanitarian services as he served with several high-ranked reputable NGOs as a volunteer.

When his contract ended, he worked in the financial industry for a period but resigned from his head-on bank devoted position because he wasn’t getting fulfilled with helping people further.

He moves on to start his social entrepreneurship which has influenced and help a handful of youths. He has ever since sworn not to stop until Ondo state becomes the centre of wealth, hunger-free society, followed by a strong self-sufficient economy.